Final Regular Page Added To New Mobile GreatGold

directory-lists_we-are-in-these-directories_900x500Look For Internet Radio In These Internet Radio Directories, and Mobile Player Apps. To easily find the listing in any of the known directories that have included us, or in any other radio directory or App you may stumble across on the internet, enter “greatgold”, or, “” in their radio search. If we’re included in their directory, we should come up rapidly. If we’re not there, please ask the radio directory website to Add Internet Radio. is greatgold-dot-fm, an internet only radio station that plays the best, popular hit music from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and a few from before and beyond those decades. You’re welcome to listen using the links from the directories and player apps that have included us, or go directly to our website at, or, or, or We have a player right on our website that streams legal, digitally remastered songs from the originally produced works of some of the greatest music stars of all time.

The songs we stream to you are by the original singers, players, songwriting stars, record producers, and performing talents in the world of Classic Hits. Our Classic Hits library consists of the best from the genres of Classic Rock, Popular Oldies, Motown, Blues, R&B, Soul, and Crossover Country hits.

This page was a little late in entering the online website pages. It wasn’t quite ready for the unveiling of the new, Mobile Ready, Responsive Design, Mobile Friendly website we unveiled in the beginning of August. However, the page is now ready for prime time. Thanks for your patience.

To see our current list of Internet Radio Directories and Apps that include Classic Hit Oldies Internet Radio, CLICK HERE. The images on that page will have links to the Directories. A separate list of Mobile App providers, from which you can download the Android, iOS, Blueberry, and other Apps directly onto your phone, is also available from a different page.