GreatGold Classic Hits Back After Technical Issues

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GREATGOLD.FM – Technical problems have caused interruptions in audio feeds at many internet radio audio feeds served by Radionomy during recent days in the beginning of June, 2018. The disturbance included Internet Radio. As of this writing on June 4, 2018, the Internet Radio Radionomy stream designated “GreatGoldClassicHits” is back up and running properly, again.

greatgold_the-best-internet-oldies-are-us_400x400If you’ve been attempting to listen to the GreatGold mix of Classic Rock and Pop Oldies library from every decade since the 1950s through the 2010s and beyond, you’re urged to try again. The technical issues have included at times, the wrong music being heard, and, sometimes, complete silence, but things are now back on track, as this report was issued.

The stream is back and the music being fed is the REAL Classic Rock and Pop Oldies Mix only available from Internet Radio. Sorry for the interruption in your Classic Hits fix. Thanks for your patient understanding. Sometimes, things happen of which we have no control. That’s the way of Life.

The good news is, hopefully, the Technical Difficulties are behind us. If at any time, as a listener, you experience additional problems that may arise, please go to our website at and send us a message under our Contact link to inform us. Or, if you just want to compliment us, or tell us who your favorite music artists or songs are, we are always happy to receive input from you.

Thanks for listening, and please tell your friends and relatives about our internet radio station, which is available through the player on our website. Our website is completely Mobile Friendly in most modern browsers, no matter which brand browser, device, or computer system, you wish to use. If you have access to WI-FI you’ll be able to see us in your monitor, no matter what size screen. Click or Tap.

If you prefer to take your favorite oldies with you in your smartphone, you can hear us in the Radionomy Android or iOS mobile app by searching for “greatgold” inside the app. After you find us, please make GREATGOLD your favorite.

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GREATGOLD is,, and No matter which you choose, you'll always get GreatGold. We play Classic Hits from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the best of the 2000s, 2010s, and beyond. Sometimes you'll hear a song in the Rock category, or Pop, Blues, Motown, Disco, Soul, Country Crossover, Soft Rock, male and female singers, boy bands, girl bands, and once in awhile you may hear an outstanding independent or new artist with a Classic Hits Wannabee.

The GreatGold Classic Hits Mix consists of, generally, Top 40 hits from the past, and, occasionally, songs that should have been. We play the Best of More Than 60+ years of The Greatest Music from Life's Soundtrack. The finest of the last half of the 20th Century, mixed in with gems from the 21st Century. No matter which Genre the Songs first fell into, or, which type of radio station first played them, it's a tune we call GREATGOLD, and, part of the History of Rock and Roll.

THE GREATGOLD STREAM is the place to be for 24 hours of blissful listening everyday. We have a healthy serving of delicious songs from the Soundtrack of Your Life. Only the finest survive the wars of GreatGold Hits, and We Always Play The Greats at Internet Radio.