June Born and Black Music Celebrated All Month

AT GREATGOLD WE RECOGNIZE AND CELEBRATE the many contributions to, and influences on, all popular music that Black Music Artists have made throughout history. We especially recognize those contributions during Black Music Month, as we do everyday in our playlist, which always includes the Best of Black Music Artists. Our recognition continues 24/7/365. The music artists pictured on the Black Music Month album collage are just some of the many black singers and musicians in our Classic Hits Mix from a portion of our regular playlist.

GreatGold.fm Classic Hits Sparkles For USA Birthday Celebration Month.

greatgold_june_birthdays-and-black-music-month_900x300To attest to the influence and contributions to society by Black Music Artists, many of the world’s prominent non-black musicians have paid tribute to their admiration of early music by Black Artists through borrowing from the songs and styles to become what they, themselves, are today. President Carter started the recognition of Black Music Month in 1979. Other presidents have followed that lead, since, including President Barack Obama in his declaration for African American Music Appreciation Month (popularly called Black Music Month).

Black Music Month gained national recognition in 1979 when music business leaders and insiders successfully lobbied President Jimmy Carter to host a reception on June 7th, 1979 to formally recognize the cultural and economic contributions of music created by black music artists. Since 1979, Black Music Month has grown from a small commemoration to national proportions with events held annually across the country.

JUNE ALSO BRINGS THE SUMMER MONTHS and our tradition of playing Summer Songs at least once every hour throughout the Summer Time begins anew this month at GREATGOLD, the Home of GreatGoldHits and ClassicHitOldies. In addition, we’re spotlighting singers who were born in the month of June, and bands with members who were born in June, by giving their songs Extra Plays.

FIND THE COMPLETE LIST of GreatGold Classic Hits music singers and musicians who were born during the month of JUNE HERE..

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We Have It Your Way at GreatGold.fm.

GREATGOLD is GreatGold.fm, ClassicHitOldies.com, GreatGoldHits.com and GreatGoldMusic.com. No matter which you choose, you'll always get GreatGold. We play Classic Hits from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the best of the 2000s. Sometimes you'll hear a song in the Rock category, or Pop, Blues, Motown, Disco, Soul, Country Crossover, Soft Rock, male and female singers, boy bands, girl bands, and once in awhile you may hear an outstanding independent artist.

The GreatGold Classic Hits Mix consists of, generally, Top 40 hits from the past, and, occasionally, songs that should have been. We play the Best of More Than 60+ years of The Greatest Music from Life's Soundtrack. The finest of the last half of the 20th Century, mixed in with gems from the 21st Century. No matter which Genre the Songs first fell into, or, which type of radio station first played them, it's a tune we call GREATGOLD, and, part of the History of Rock and Roll.

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