How Is GreatGold Mobile-Ready For Any Screen?


GREATGOLD.FM (08/09/2015) – To make the website friendly to ALL users, we’ve remade the behind the scenes design so the pages you see will more easily conform to the size of the screen you view them in. So, no matter what you’re using, a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, you’ll be able to view everrything.

When the material you want to see, adapts to the size of the viewing screen, that’s what is called in the industry, constructing pages so they are “Responsive” to the size of the monitor screen in which people view the website pages. The newer technology we are using to construct our new pages makes being “Responsive” possible.

When you go to our new pages with smartphones, laptops, pads, pods, tablets, or your office or home desktop computer, you’ll be able to see and read everything. That’s because the words, photos and illustrations will adapt to your screen, no matter what size it may be.

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