2021 Brings Greatest Hits Party Time ALL Year Long!!


GREATGOLD – If you’re wanting to have a good time listening to the greatest Hit Music from the past seventy years of Fabulous Favorites you can’t go wrong with GreatGold.FM Internet Radio. GreatGold plays The Greats from The Soundtrack of Life. The Classic Hits Mix at GreatGold includes The Very Best Classic Rock and Pop Oldies, as well as Newbies and Wannabees by Independent and New Artists. It’s all from our Classic Hit Oldies library of the Best Tunes We Can Find and You’re Invited to The Party EVERY DAY and NIGHT! We’re Here for You to Hear 24/7.

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The Year 2021 wll be punctuated every hour of every day and night from January thru December at the end of the year with the greatest hit music from the past seventy years. You are invited to partake of this avalanche of the Classic Hit Oldies library of favorites as often as you want. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to do so. There’s a player that plays in most browsers right on the GreatGold.fm website, as well as listings in many popular mobile apps and directories. You’ll find a listing of some of them right on the GreatGold.fm website.

It’s easy to tune us in using the player on our website, or in your favorite mobile player app, or from one of many online directories. See the list on our website for app and directory suggestions. You’ll find our site on the internet at http://GreatGold.fm, that’s why we often say GREATGOLD-DOT-FM in between songs, as a reminder that’s where you’ll find us.


THE MUSIC HEARD on GreatGold Internet Radio is curated, cataloged, processed into digital, programed for presentation on the internet, presented, and announced by Gary W. Morgan, whose broadcast radio, newspaper and media career spans 1966-2002, prior to getting involved in The Internet during the next chapter in his life.

Before getting involved in internet radio, Gary’s professional career from 1966-2002 included on-air experience as a broadcast radio announcer, personality, music director, program director, commercial continuity director, commercial copywriter, commercial production specialist, news reporter, news director, radio rock show host, on-air interviewer, news anchor, salesperson, and station manager.


Since the turn of the century, Gary Morgan has been adapting all of his combined years of work and talents on the internet as a webmaster, content provider, editor, website developer-builder, website graphics creator, and manager-producer-music director-voice for GreatGold.fm Internet Radio. The latter is the occupation he likely enjoys the most. The music he plays on GreatGold.fm is music that he has purchased, and listened to his entire life, from the years in his baby crib, through high school dating, marriage, fatherhood, and into the now, his semi-retirement years.

It’s easy to listen through a WiFi connection with the player on our website pages on your cellphone, or desktop pc, laptop, and tablet, or searching for GreatGold on your favorite internet radio mobile music app. Click below to listen now. Make sure you have your speakers on or headphones plugged in, and turn off the mute.

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