Ozzy Still RockHall FanVote Fav

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the-latest-greatgold-news-cover_over-pretty-smiling-lady_also-mobile-ready-phone-image_300x300NOMINEE FANVOTE ACTION is in full swing while voting continues for fans of Rock and Roll action as they make their preferences known while the 2024 crop of Inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is being chosen. As of 2:37 PM (CDT), March 8, 2024, approximately 1.9 Million votes were tabulated. According to the ongoing leaderboard tally on that date and time, no one in the top seven singers, musicians and bands has changed places. On March 8, 2024 at the time specified above, OZZY OZBOURNE was leading the pack of 2024 Nominees that qualify to be selected as an Inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with 240,517 votes, followed by Foreigner with 231,043, Peter Frampton with 224,272, DAVE MATTHEWS with 216,403, and Cher at 173,337 votes to that point in the Fan voting for 2024 Nominees. Lenny Kravitz’s count had increased to 151,838 and Mariah Carey (134,856) show up number six and seven in the early tabulation.

rockhall_nominees_generic_use-anytime_400x400GOING FURTHER down the list with voting for Nominees still going, the next group of music artists includes Kool and the Gang at 130,791, followed by Oasis (97,169), Sinead O’Connor (85,219), Sade (83,405), Jane’s Addiction (75,341, and Mary J. Blige (62,479). The bottom floor of the Nominees, sometimes referred to as”overnight rankings”, finds A Tribe Called Quest (49,562) and Eric B. & Rakim (30,186). To include your FanVote, you have through April 26, 2024 to be included among those who think your favorite should be given the nod.

greatgold-fm-logo_classic-hits-classic-rock-and-pop-oldies_join-the-party_300x300FANS VOTING FOR NOMINEES have plenty of time to vote for as many as seven favorites once per day. In the meantime, GreatGold.fm Classic Hit Oldies is playing music artist Nominees who are in line to be chosen for 2024 Rock Hall of Fame Inductees at least twice each hour throughout each day, until further notice, while Nominee Fan Voting continues. TO VOTE FOR YOUR 2024 NOMINEE CHOICES: Click Here to Add Your FanVote! Vote for 7. When you Click the link, the RockHall website will open in a New Wndow so you can vote and then go back to GREATGOLD after your vote with ease.

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The GreatGold library includes most of the members in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including current nominees.

The GreatGold library includes most of the members in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including current nominees.

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